Panasonic DMR-ES20DEB dvd play problems

The player has just stopped reading recorded dvds, drive ‘chunters’. Have tried lubricating rods, no change. Do I require a new drive unit, if so who sells them? Or any other suggestions.

With a Panasonic DVD Drive making “grinding” or “scrubbing” noises, with occasional read, write and finalizing failures, the DVD Drive probably requires routine cleaning of the laser lens and the rubber hub/spindle (turntable) area:

If the Panasonic DVD Drive makes “clunking” “chugging” or “errp” noises, has read, write, and finalizing failures and perhaps shows the U61, U88 or U99 errors on the front panel display, the problem may be a dirty lens or a failed laser assembly. If a gentle lens cleaning does not remedy the problem the laser assembly has probably failed and replacement is indicated. Panasonic DVD Drives are propietary of unique to certain models or model years, unlike computer DVD burners. For more information concerning replacement optical pick-ups (laser assemblies) and/or DVD Drives contact the Panasonic Service Centre serving your area.

The photo shows the internal parts of DVD Drive VXY1867 fitted to US model DMR-ES20 manufactered in 2005. To maintain proper functionality the roller/slider seen at the back of the DVD tray must be positioned to the far left before refitting the DVD Drive lid. Do not extend or remove the DVD tray while the DVD Drive lid is open as reassembly complications will result.

Many thanks for informative reply. The only error message coming up is ‘NO READ’:bow: