Panasonic DMR-ES20D - HELP!




we have just today purchased a panasonic dvd recorder (DMR-ES20D) and are already experiencing problems with it.

with panasonic generally making great machines, i reckon it’s something i have done, as i tried to record something in a rush and may have left it in a a bit of a state and not sorted it out in time. who knows, because now it simply won’t function, other than going on/off standby. what i would like to know is does anyone out there know what the error code ‘U81’ means? and would it be possible to sort it out?

i’m kicking myself for being a stupid impatient little child and would really appreciate any help!!!



I bought this recorder and i thought it was total junk.It recorded horrible and the remote was not very user friendly.I suggest going to a site called and look under suggested recorders to buy.You will see panasonic is not reccomended.I bought the jvc which has high marks and now i know why.I bought the Dr-m100 and wow what a difference.It records outstanding and plays disks good also.I have seen so many good reviews on the panasonic and couldnt beleive it.People must be blind or i got a bad one.Mine was crap all the way.i am so happy with the jvc.This is my first recorder and you can bet i will buy another one for sure.


Have you tried unplugging it for about 5 min’s then plug it in again and wait for it to


I don’t know, but I had one on my DMR-EX85EB recently…


I own 3 of the ES20 recorders and, sorry to say, they are all JUNK! I’ve had problems with ALL of them and will never buy another Panasonic anything ever again. I have since gone back to my S-VHS decks as I KNOW they will record and playback on demand, unlike the ES20 machines.


i have a DMR-ES20D but the dvd-rw that i record on it don’t play on my pc why is this?


The ES20 is pretty well known for issues. Not so with the ES15 and ES25. I would try to exchange it for one of those 2.


I sure hope the ES25 I ordered is better than the ES20 :doh: