Panasonic DMR-ES20



I have this recorder since 2006 and it was perfect till recently started showing running zeros, after I pushed and hold power button for 10 sec it has “hello” on display and that’s it. Please help.


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So because this is so old its either got a dirty lens or a corrupt hard drive (if it has one). It won’t be worth it to send it out for repair, money would be better spent on a new unit. If you have any mechanical skills you can try and open it up and find the lens and gently clean it with a q-tip and isopropyl alcohol.

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There might be any number of problems with this 2005 model recorder. Here are some of them:

Failed or failing capacitors in the power supply. With this conditon the recorder will not complete loading up and will attempt but fail to run the self-check.

Failed or failing Digital PCB (the brains of a Panasonic). The DMR-ES20 has the problematic LSI CPU.

Failed or failing laser assembly.

The DVD Drive has a dirty rubber hub or laser lens.

If there has been a disturbance to a ribbon cable there is a chance that a ribbon cable contact has been damaged.

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