Panasonic Dmr-es20 Or Dmr-es15s

hello everyone iam trying to get a new dvdrecorder and i was looking at these two from panasonic. I want to get some input on these 2 recorders,(wich is better) basically what i am lookin for is to be able to record on dvd video mode, since iam having a hard time with my liteon 5005 when i try to coonvert the VR+ to dvd video.
thanks in advance

Suggest visiting the AVS Forums and reading up on these 2. There seems to be a lot of problem reports with the ES-20, but maybe not with the Es-15.

thanks for the link CDan, lots of good info.

I’ve had a DMR-ES20 for 6 months use it every day haven’t had one problem with it. The picture is perfect.

Wish I could say the same about the DMR-ES20. I tried two of them, both of which were new “in the box” models from Circuit City. Both exhibited faint but visible interference bars, mainly noticeable during dimly lit scenes.

The problem was in the video input section of the ES20, both S-Video and Composite In. A DirecTV receiver was the main signal source, but I also tried recording images fed to it from an older Panasonic DVD player, using test signals from the Avia Home Theater disc. Interference was still visible, so at this point I reluctantly gave up on the model. During searches on the ES20, I noticed a few comments from other users with similar complaints.

Personally, I would try the ES15 first, based upon my own experience with the ES20. I live in the US, and the ES20 also had a stereo tuner here by the way. I think Lite-On is pretty much alone in their decision to stick with monaural tuners.