Panasonic dmr-es16 video recorder

Does anyone know which brand of dvd’s work with the pansonic dmr-es16 dvd recorder? also which type of that brand works(dvd-rw, dvd-r, dvd-ram…)

I purchased these USA version Panasonics: DMR-ES15 (much like your DMR-ES16 DVR), two DMR-ES30V, three DMR-ES35V, and one DMR-ES40V; these three models are combo recorders. My daughter also purchased two DMR-ES30V combo recorders so we have four of this model in our household.

My home recorded DVD index now has more than 11,000 recordings. I write from extensive practical experience with direct recording and dubbing. So far, with dubbing and archiving, I have not had time to venture into editing. My daughter does editing and compiling.

I have used various DVD formats since purchasing my first Panasonic in September 2005. I have settled upon DVD-R as the most practical, reliable, and inexpensive format. It is my view that if something is worth recording it is worth keeping. I no longer use RW discs. I found DVD+R to be less reliable than DVD-R and less compatible with some older DVD players. Current Toshiba products (in the US market) still do not play DVD+R discs. Older Panasonics (through 2005 and the earliest 2006 models) can not record on DVD+RW.

I purchase name brand DVD-R, mostly TDK. I also purchase Verbatim and Maxell. With these brands I may have one bad disc in every 300-400 blanks. The last Memorex spindle of 100 I purchased had one in every six discs prove to be defective so I no longer purchase Memorex.

Here in the states the Sunday newspaper ads usually have various chain stores or offices supply stores with name brand DVD-R spindles of 100 selling around $25.00 USD.

Agreed on Verbatim being good. Any other disc besides Verbatim and discs labelled Made in Japan (regardless of brand) are the only discs that don’t choke my old DMR-E50.

Also agreed on Memorex being horrible. You’ll get better results from some no name brands.

If you keep track of the flyers Future Shop and Staples will often have 100 pk of Verbatims for $20. Future Shop’s website also has a “price drop” alert feature that’ll e-mail you when it hits the price point your specify.