Panasonic DMR-ES16 help needed!

I’ve had a Panasonic DMR-ES16 recorder for about a year now and have mostly been using it to transfer old VHS tapes to DVDR.

Today its not working and “U61” is displayed which is not mentioned in the instructional manual.

When I try to insert a disc (blank or pre-recorded) a message comes on the screen saying “SELF CHECK FAILED. PRESS ENTER, THEN THE UNIT WILL OPEN THE TRAY AND POWER OFF AUTOMATICALLY.”

Anybody know anything about this?

You might find your answer here as myself I don’t know

Looks like I’m in need of a replacement which is ok…

Now my question is, I have a few discs that I have not finalized…do I have to buy the same model (or maybe just the same brand) so I can finish these discs in progress?

Anyone have any idea about this?