Panasonic DMR ES15S $119.99



Panasonic DMR ES15S $119.99 free shipping


Best price I have every seen for this excellent DVD Recorder

beats WalMarts price by nearly $20 and free shipping! :clap:

I would not pass this one up!
Time to give up your VCR!



As I said before - I have this unit and it also does a kicka$$ job of upconverting using the RGB connectors-

Outstanding price/great find-eh!!! :iagree: :iagree:


what is a rgb connector and how much cost and where to buy from?


rgb = Red,Green,Blue the connectors for component Video rather than Yellow,Red,White composite Video+Audio connectors. The cables for one work find for the other. The rest of you questions are answered in the post, just click on the link.


Now this deal is gone. :a

one day only


Now it’s unavaiable to buy.

"Currently Unavailable: This item is currently unavailable from the Manufacturer."


Ha! :stuck_out_tongue: That’s why when I see something I like and it’s a good deal, I BUY IT! If you don’t buy it now, someone else will. That’s always my rule for buying things.


It’s been slightly cheaper before. It was $109, with free shipping, at in early December 2006. I got it for $89 with Google Checkout.

Highly recommended.


Beats me Got mine for $110 with Google Checkout. And I thought I got a great deal, Mid Dec 2006.


Shows back in stock for me! $119.00 and free shipping. Also their are some 5% and 7% off links floating around. Google for them.