Panasonic DMR ES15 start up problem

Please can soneone help. On startup my DMR ES15 makes 5 chirps (4 lower tone and 1 higher tone). These chirps would occur whether there was a disc inserted or not; i.e., the unit could no longer tell if there was a disc in the tray. Powering up without an inserted disc used to be quiet (because there was no disc to read from) but now it chirps on power up. The first time this occurred an error said there was a problem with the disc but also displayed a “U61” error message. That went away but the unit could still not read any discs, and powering down and back up (several times) to reset the unit did not work.


I would have to make a guess that it has to do with the drive mechanism of the optical pick-up. When you power up its going to look for a disc and its going to drag the OPU across its path. It may be possible to open it up and find where the rails are for the mechanism (where it drags the optical pick up) and lubricate them with a thin grease. When your in there you can clean the lens on the OPU with a q-tip and some isopropyl alcohol, whip it VERY gently and let it dry on its own.

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Hi Eric, Thanks for the advice. I have no skills in repairing electrical stuff. However I have seen the Forum messages on cleaning the spindle and lens. So when I pick up the courage I will try your tip and the others to see if I can get it working. If not I have another DMR ES10 to fall back on.

Many thanks


Before lubricating anything I would first try cleaning the lens and testing it after that. Thats the easiest thing to try without messing anything up.

Eric, thanks for the tip I will try cleaning the lens first. I am about to go on holiday and will have a go on my return.