Panasonic DMR-ES15 Scheduled Recording Doesn’t Appear on Direct Navigator



I scheduled a ½ hour recording, but remaining time (upper left corner) didn’t decrease and schedule doesn’t appear in Direct Navigator. Red clock icon appears on recorder display. If I return to Schedule, my schedule is still there. If I reformat the disk using the DMR-ES15, the Schedule screen still shows the recording and the red clock icon are still there. I’m using Sony DVD-RW disks, and previously recorded disks work fine for playback. I tried a DVD-RAM disk and a new DVD-RW disk, but still have the problem.

I was unsuccessfully attempting to record additional programs on disks after they had been removed and replaced but not finalized and maybe I set an unanticipated function. I’m a newbie, and have much to learn.

While the unit is a few years old, it probably has been used less than 16 hours total, almost all in the last few days. I’m in the Los Angeles area.

Appreciate your help.