Panasonic DMR-ES15 Cannot Read Disc

I have a 12 month old Panasomic DMR-ES15. As of this morning I’ve begun receiving a “Cannot Read Disc” error message with any disc I put in the recorder. No disc functions work whatsoever. I’ve cleaned and tried multiple DVD-RAM dics that had been recorded on the same machine, a brand new blank DVD-RW, and a pre-recorded DVD movie that I’ve watched on the same machine several times. Also tried the lens cleaner and received the same error message. The only guidance offered by the manual is to clean the discs or try a hard reset. No dice. Anyone have any suggestions?

try this

while the drive is open try alcohol and a Q-Tip cleaning of the lens.

if no luck trying both you maybe SOL

Thanks for the tip. I’ll let you know if it works.

Cracked the case and did the cleaning. Still no dice. Smells suspiciously like SOL. Thanks again for suggesting a fix.

Sorry it did not work, but at least you did all you could. The ES-15 is still a fine unit and when/if mine dies I may buy another.