Panasonic DMR-ES10EG compatibility to LG GDR8163B PC DVD drive

Can anoyone write which DVD-RWs can I use when I record a film from TV on a Panasonic DMR-ES10EG?

The DVD-RW then also should be compatible for my LG GDR8163B PC DVD drive , so that my drive can read it, to edit (cut commercial spots out movies)

My second question is:

Can this software:

TMPGEnc 3.0 XPress

read DVD-RWs that I recorded in a Panasonic DMR-ES10EG?

I also have this drive in my PC:


Any good quality RW disc will be fine, just be sure to finalize it in the Panasonic.

As for “editing”, that really depends on what you need to do. TMPGEnc software is good stuff, but you need “Author-Pro” to create new DVD’s.