Panasonic DMR-ES10 won't power on



I noticed that several people who had this model have experienced the same problem. The unit will not turn on. It is almost two years old and cost enough that it should have lasted longer. It has been a very dependable unit, never any problems until this. Did anyone ever find the reason for this or had theirs repaired? If it is dead I will have to but another, but I will think twice before purchasing a Panasonic.


Sounds like the dead power supply issue. FYI, Panasonic is not the only one that has seen this issue. It can be repaired, but it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth it.


I contacted Panasonic who refered me to the closest repair shop in this area who was going to charge $259 with a $59 deposit and a 15 day turn-around. That was ridiculous considering the machine only cost $189 new and a new version is available for much less than that. Based on other posts the part itself is no more than $4.

I was actually pleased with the machine until it decided not to turn on again. So if I can’t find the part myself and fix it, I may have to go ahead and buy something else


I just fixed mine yesterday. It was a bad capacitor on the power supply board. The original capacitor is 820uF 10V 105 Degrees. I could not find the match for it anywhere and found a postning from a rep[air tech that explained the uF rating and that using a larger one would be fine. The voltage can also go up. Here’s a link to the thread that I first found.

Hope this helps


[B]Panasonic DMR-ES10 no power[/B]
Just died after 2 years. Found a leaked out capacitor inside, plan to replace it with 1000uf 35v 105C.


I just replaced capacitor thanks to this thread and this great forum. DMR ES10 powered up and it’s working normal.:slight_smile:

Capacitor I put in is 1000uF 25V ,close enough. Anybody who wants to do this needs only basic soldering skills. Board is big ,easy to get out and components are widely spaced.


Thanks for posting this useful information


Mine got that problem almost after 2 years. Thankfully, i had paid my recorder with my credit card that give me double time of my warranty up to one year maximum to all purchases made with it.

So got it repaired, the problem was a $3.00 piece, they charged $50.00 for the work. But Mastercard paid it all. :smiley:

Here is a look of what looked like the defective part:

Good luck with yours!



If it hadn’t been for this thread, I’d never have tried this.

Here’s a five minute video of my efforts.
I hope this helps others.



Thank you for that excellent video, gr33nman! I was about to trash the machine when I ran across this thread.

Your excellent graphics, photography and narrative encouraged me to try the fix. A trip to Radio Shack and an hour of time was all I needed to complete the job.

When I plugged the unit in and hit the power button, there was the “HELLO,” and I smiled in response.

Hats off to you for taking the time to produce and post the video…


Wow! So simple. Thanks.


Thanks for the awesome information & video!

My DMR-ES10 wouldn’t respond to the power button, door open button, or remote, and eventually gave the error message “U30 REMOTED”

No luck finding what that error code meant, so I found this forum and followed gr33nman’s video. Oddly, the capacitor at C1260 was fine but C1415 is bulged. I’ll try the same procedure to replace it and see what happens…


BTW, the capacitor at C1415 says it’s 680uF/10v/105deg. Of course I’ll exchange the C1260’s capacitor (Radio Shack, under $2) for the correct part. Thanks again for the great info.


I wonder id the same fix would work for the ES15/25?


THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to this thread, especially gr33nman for posting that wonderful video with which I was able to repair my unit today after having it out of commission for months!

All it took was $1.58 and about 15 - 20 minutes worth of time! I wish I would have had this information last spring when it broke!

Thanks again!



If it hadn’t been for this thread, I’d never have tried this.

Here’s a five minute video of my efforts.
I hope this helps others.


Thank you so much; your video was helpful to us. We weren’t sure how to un-hook the connector lead. We appreciate you posting the video. Our DMR-ES10 is now working again too!



Thanks gr33nman!
My DMR-ES10 is working again.

I had two capacitors on the power board,
where you had one, but they were both damaged as yours.

First time i did something like this…
I could manage it with my old soldering iron.
Took a bit of time, but it worked :smiley:

Happy again.


Great video. That was awesome. The hardest part was locating the capacitor. My closest 2 Radio Shack did not have it in stock. once I got the capacitor. It literally took 20 minutes to do the repair. Total cost of repair was $1.98. I burned more gas than that going to Radio Shack.

Thank You!!


Thanks gr33nman! I have fixed by panasonic dvd recorder back to brand-new thanks to your video! You should put your vid on youtube to help even more folks who wanna try this fix.


Thank you gr33nman[/B]. I fixed my DMR-ES10 DVD recorder and my JVC DR-MV1S VCR/DVD recorder the same way. On the DMR-ES10 it was a bulged C1270 capacitor rated 820 uf and 10V. On the DR-MV1S it was a bulged 1500uf 6.3V capacitor. Replaced both with a 1000uf 35V capacitor from Radio shack costing $1.50 each.
This looks like a common problem on the power supply circuit for recorders.
All are back to working perfectly. Otherwise it would have cost me $240 plus for each deck. Great advice and video. Thank you again.