Panasonic Dmr Es10 ram Disk fault



hi all, i am having problem with my ram disk not being recognised in the recorder, when i put it in it will spin but will make terrible noise as it tries to read it, it appears that it will not see the disk it may spin for a couple of minutes some times it will work other times it will not, i have tried other disks and they work ok, i am using Panasonic ram disks

it appears that the problem is only on ram disks hope someone can point me in the right direction as to a fix :doh: :doh:


If the problem is with that one disc and not other of the same brand I would contact panasonic and ask for a replacement disc


no my problem is any Panasonic ram disk, have 5 it is not defined to any individual disk :confused: :confused:


do they work on any other DVD-RAM burner or recorder?


hi, i do not have another ram driver or recorder to try so i can not say


There isn’t any legitimate reason for a normally functioning machine to be making bad noises. The fix would be to replace the machine.


thank you


I have had similar problems when the DVD Ram made a lot of noise and was not recognized.

My solution was to remove the DVD Ram from its case and use it without a case.

No problem after that.


I have same fault with multiple panasonic DVD-RAMs on my DMR. Error message is ‘no read’ preceeded with a terrible groaning noise (haunted?!). Of course it’s just gone out of warranty. However will play regular DVD’s OK.