Panasonic DMR ES-15S $129.54



on sale now at WallyWorld







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Nosmartz, you beat me by 1 minute

I wonder how many were doing a Google search for WallyWorld :rolleyes:


hehe :smiley:


Errr…you said wally world and er…Googles description Wally World
Warning: Explicit adult material. Brought to you by:. Your source for all the Hardest *** Hardcore! I don’t think Wally World should be mentioned anymore :eek:


point taken (many others think of Walmat as WallyWorld) some don’t know the joke.



Now that we have all of that taken care of-

Great find/price on a great recorder (I got mine months ago for $150 shipped)-eh!


I got mine for $110 using $20 off Google checkout and standard shipping, but that deal is gone now. :frowning:
$129.54 is the lowest in store price I have seen.