Panasonic DMR-EH57 recorder Problems with set up



I still have a flat screen TV not a plasma or LCD and while going through the process of the set up I came to progressive and it said if you have a old TV you may get some flickering I decided too try anyway if it did not work I’ll turn it off, Or so I thought.
That is the reason for this posting.
I only bought the recorder yesterday.
What happened is when I turned progressive on the screen started flickering so I tried to turn it off but the flickering was so bad that it blotted out the function menu I have tried pressing return and then exit, No good
I have even tried turning it off at the wall taking the batteries out of the remote, Nothing I have tried has worked.
When you turn the DVD recorder on turn the TV to av to bring up your function menu the flickering starts, It’s driving me nuts
Hope someone can help


Unless you have a TV with progressive scan which you can then go into the menu and change it back to off, I would suggest the following.
On all my Panasonic DVDRs(never had a EH57 though) to return the unit back to factory defaults (including off for progressive scan) you should, with the unit on, press and hold both channel up and channel down buttons on the main unit for at least 10 seconds. Doing this will not harm anything on your HDD but will return almost all setup options back to factory defaults. I’m not sure what it would do to your TVGOS(if your model had that). Otherwise it should solve your problem. Too bad Pannys didn’t have the failsafe option like on Windows. As you may know in windows if you change screen resolution to something that is not visible on your screen it reverts back to previous resolution unless you highlight something that unless you can see the screen, you cannot. In this case it goes back to previous setting. Been their, done that;)


Hi Jeff,

I’ll try that in the morning,And yes I have turned the progressive off as it will not work on a older TV, I will admit that I did try to tune the unit in prior to the expert arriving and he did say that ch.1 and ch2 were out of place.
I think that was me playing around
Keep you informed:)