Panasonic DMR-EH55 PAL Playback (or lack thereof)

Hey all,

Just got a Panny DMR-EH55 recorder and to my dismay, I learned that it cannot play back PAL DVDs. From what I’ve read online, some Panasonic players can play back PAL, but the ability is disabled in the firmware. Don’t know if that is the case here or not, but when I tried to play a PAL region 0 disc it says “cannot play”. My previous recorder, the Philips DVDR75 played back PAL without a hitch, so I’m a bit peeved that this Panasonic doesn’t. Does anyone know of any way to get this thing to output PAL signals? Maybe a firmware that enables the function?

If not, can anyone recommend a fairly good DVD player that is not too expensive (say $30 - 60) that will output PAL signals (or do PAL to NTSC conversion)?


Hi, I too have found this problem. Not only does it have problems with pal/ntsc, but also the region. It is rather annoying. I don’t know where you are living, but in New Zealand, all dvd players are multi-regioned and pal/ntsc enabled before they are allowed to be sold at any retailer. However, you probably aren’t there. I now live in Canada, and I have discovered that Cyberhome dvd players and DVR from Walmart play all regions and pal and ntsc - and will even convert a pal dvd to an ntsc signal to play on an ntsc tv. They don’t advertise that they play all regions etc, but they do. They even play divX (.avi files) from both cd’s and dvd’s - a great little feature to unexpectedly get. And even better, is their $30 price. I would recommend getting their DVR without the HDD. It’s easy to record pal VHS to a dvd. My panny does not do that.
For a better quality player, I have heard that there is a Phillips dvd player that will do pal and ntsc and region free. I have yet to confirm that, but the shop that told me that is a specialty shop that knows what they are talking about. It costs about $89.95 Canadian.

Happy hunting

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