Panasonic DMR-EH50S dvd recorder

I am looking for all the Information I can get on the best way to use the
Panasonic DMR-EH50S dvd recorder.
Is there firmware for this device?
If so how do we use it?
Anyone that is intrested in the Panasonic DMR-EH50S dvd recorder device please ask and lets all help each other get the most out of the TV guide and DVD recorder and Hard Drive. I just got this unit.


I am looking to get one of these units soon. You have had yours a few months. What do you think of it? Do you use DVD Ram, the SD slot??
Any things it does well and not so good.

Would like hear your comments.


DVD Nut :smiley: :smiley:

it takes a bit of time to know the unit.Learn the doc’s.
The tv guide takes a bit of getting used to, now we have got 7 days listing and the 8 day chanel as got (no listings) it is very easy to use I have made only one dvd-r recording after removing all the add’s from it’s recording to the hard drive, then transfering it to a dvd. I record all the time to the hard drive (every day) sd slot someone else will have to tell you about, I have no use for this function.

Panasonic never used to update these recorders but now they do. See here for future updates.

Now to look 4 the right firmware…Thanx for the page

I found a firmware called dmr-e50.exe is this the right firmware for the dmr-eh50s drive I am useing now??? Just checking I do not want to use the wrong firmware. can I burn it on to a dvd-rw if it is the right firmware.
When it is burned on a dvd-?? how to use it is my next question. :bow:

I cannot be sure as I saw the same thing. You need to send an email and confirm as flashing the wrong firmware can trash the drive. I cannot tell what you are asking, but the correct procedure is to burn the firmware to a CD on your computer.

I think the Pannys updater is smart enough to not flash to a wrong machine, it either wont work or give a error message. I’ve updated my E80H machine from there a while back and it took a bit to finnish but the machine responed faster afterwards and some media seemed to have better quality.
It should have the same name as your machine does and like mentioned just e-mail em to verify if your not certain, it’s not like a 50 dvd burner…:wink:

Thanks for heads up,

I got my unit this weekend and very very impressed with the playback, I’d bet most could not tell the difference from the broadcast.

Ill keep reading the handbook and try a few things out.



After reading the handbook and trying a few things, you will see what I was saying about it being a bit hard to follow… But is a great unit non the less…Now you will see what I was going on about with the firmware…Glad you got a unit and find it impressive
Keep trying all the functions that this the Panasonic DMR-EH50S dvd recorder as to offer.
Best of luck