Panasonic DMR-EH50: Problem viewing JPEG Files


I was hoping to be able to view my JPEG camera stills on the DMR-EH50. It turns out that only files up to a maximum of about 640 x 480 pixels are displayed without a glitch.
Anything larger ends up showing as a garbled picture and after a while a message appears stating that it cannot be viewed on this machine. (I have it set to German so I don’t know the exact wording in English). Has anyone found a way to display larger files? The manual states that files between 34x34 and 6144 x 4096 pixels (that would be up to 25 Megapixels!) can be displayed. I can obviously store the pictures and burn them to a DVD, which is useful, but I would love to be able to view them as well without having to reduce each one in size on the computer first. Any ideas?

Thank you in advance
jopaint :bow:

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I have seen JPEG issues with several DVD recorders, especially images with large resolutions or file sizes or JPEG images copied directly from a camera without any editing. Just out of curiosity, what do you use to resize your photos? I have experienced quite bad compatibility issues with using images from Adobe Photoshop even when opening its photos in other software, for example if I open a JPEG image in the GIMP that was saved by Adobe Photoshop, the picture’s colour and hue goes all in a mess.

If you don’t use the picture zoom features on your DVD recorder, I would recommend resizing the images to 720 x 576 as this is the native resolution for PAL. Finally, if you have been using any Adobe packages for resizing images, I would recommend giving some other software a try. A simple test would be to open a troublesome JPEG in MSPaint and save it as a JPEG under a new name, since MSPaint will strip off some data that other applications put in the JPEG. While this causes some further quality loss, it is a handy quick test to see if the original application you were using was at fault. :wink:

Hi Seán,

that did it!

  1. Initially I was using unmodified JPEGs from the following cameras: Olympus C550Z, Olympus E500, Fuji Film E550. None of those JPEGS worked unmodified in full resolution.
  2. I had indeed been using Adope Photoshop 7 to modify my files.

Since I am using a Mac, I couldn’t use MSPaint, but I was successful after all: I resaved the JPEGs with Olympus Master Plus and with Noise Ninja, which I use to get rid of noise in high ISO pictures.

While this works, there is another issue, that of speed.
The pictures work much smoother when resized to your recommended PAL resolution 720 x 576. A slide show on TV becomes real tiring when you have to wait for each picture to slowly build up on the screen.

Thank you for your help, that was terrific and saved me lots of time!

jopaint :clap: