Panasonic DMR-E85 Discontinued

According to Panasonic, this model has been discontinued, and will be replaced in April/May of 2005 with the DMR-E90. That’s why the DMR-E85 has been taken off their Web site.

Since I just bought this puppy from a dealer, and haven’t received it yet, I had a few questions, especially after reading discussions on boards regarding the menu turning green, Error U99 problems, etc., and posed Panasonic with a couple of questions when I inquired about what happened. Below is the information:

E-mail from me:
I noticed that your Web site has removed the Panasonic DMR-E85H DVD
recorder. Having just ordered this model, I am concerned that it has
been either discontinued or has had a history of problems to cause it to
be taken from the Panasonic store shelves.

Is this product still for sale, will it continue to be supported, or
should I return my Panasonic when it is shipped to me?

Their answer:
The E85h has been discontinued. It has nothing to do with
any problems only that it is part of the normal course of life for
electronics. A new model will be out in April or May time frame.

Thank you for choosing Panasonic

My second e-mail to them:
Is there any way to download firmware or software updates for the

I didn’t have any luck ever finding any on the Panasonic Web site with
my DMR-E30S (which is still alive and kicking).

Their answer:
You will need to talk with our tech support group to answer this
Thank you for choosing Panasonic

So, it appears they’re not owning up to any mistakes with the DMR-E85S, but perhaps putting out the DMR-E90 is an attempt to fix what was wrong with the DMR-E85.

Just passing along a few thoughts.

just bought one of these, what have I done?

Guess we’ll find out together. Here’s a link to a discussion forum that outlines some of the problems with the DMR-E85, in case anyone is interested:

true, only got mine the other week so ha’vent played much with it, downloaded the upgrade in case though.

Mine should be here this week or next. Will put it through its paces.

I immediately upgraded my E85 the day I bought it (Fri. 3-18), and reset it to factory defaults. I have tried to duplicate the “U99” problem all weekend and have been unable to do so. It looks like the new firmware has fixed all of these issues. Also, the TV Guide screen has never turned green either. The manuf. date on mine was May 2004.

:a mine had the 950EL firmware so I decided not to upgrade the firmware thinking it would be OK! wrong, took it in to the dealer today because of the green screen, waiting now to see what happens next. :confused: :a

Does anyone know if there are patches or mods available that will allow a Panasonic DMR to play region free? I assume it won’t convert PAL to NTSC, but is that true?


spoke to panasonic about that, bloke on the other side seamed quite genuine and said if out of warranty the only way would be hardware mod, dident say where though.

Oh dear, I’ve just bought one of these as well! I suppose we should stick together and see what happens! ?

I’ve had mine a few months now and still playing around with it and as from the first problem with the green screen its been good, great picture quality.

This stuff looks really useful, thanks robguy for sharing that. :slight_smile:

Well My Panasonic DMR-E85 came and went back the same day due to a faulty DVD drive. (very noisy) The replacement came and it’s great! As this is a graded machine from Hyper-Fi, 1, it was cheap (£260 inc carriage) and 2, it has been updated at the service centre with the latest firmware. So, at the moment, I’m a happy boy. :slight_smile:

PS, yes it has a full 1 year warranty

Hi, I’m also in the UK. Does anyone know where the
UK firmware can be obtained from. I’ve emailed
Panasonic, but they haven’t replied.


Sean B

forget panasonic, in the UK they don’t exist (from my experiance), if you bought it recently it should be ok. look back in this thread you will find a link to the firmware, but yours should be ok.

You can get the panasonic DVD Recorder firmware updates here

That sounds like the US version, its different in the UK, we use
PAL and don’t have the US program guide which seems to be
causing a lot of problems.

Thanks anyway.
Sean B

Hello, from the ‘States’. I have owned my E85H since April or May of 2005—no problems. I use it constantly and would recommend it IF it were still manuf. No problems at all, just wish it’s auto record function worked with DirecTV’s remote sensor, but having to manually set record time is no problem for me—all my electronic clocks are set, no “blinkers”… :slight_smile: