Panasonic DMR-E75V no rec error on display

On my DMR-E75V recorder I just started getting a noREC error on the display when I try to record to a DVD-R from my TV. I can dub from a VHS alright and record to a VHS from the TV. It just started doing it a few days ago and has worked fine before that. I am using the same DVD-R I have always used. It also has a message on the TV that says something like cannot record material.

The DVR is about 2 years old, but I have probably actually recorded on it 20 times. Any suggestions?

Clean the lens, change media brand or type.

If the leans was dirty would I be able to record from VHS to DVD alright, because I can do that. And also the media brand worked fine before, it is the same package I have burned the other DVDs on before this weird cannot copy material error happened on the TV.


When you write that you record “from my TV” this needs clarification. How is your Panasonic actually receiving its signal? Do you have a digital cable box or satellite receiver? Do you receive your signal from an antenna or directly from a cable coax connection from the wall? How are these signal sources connected to the various Panasonic inputs? How are the various Panasonic outputs interconnected to other equipment? What programming service provides your signal? What channel numbers are you attempting to record?

This information is necessary to determine what the problem might be.

I guess I should have said recorded from my satellite. I have DirectTV. I run a coax cable from my satellite box to my DVD/VHS combo and from there run it to my TV. Then from my TV I have AV cables (red, yellow, white) to my RCA jacks on the back of combo. I am attempting to record from channel 3, which is the channel my satellite plays on on my TV. And like I said I can record from the satellite to my VHS, but not my DVD. It acts as if it has a copy guard on it, but I wouldn’t think I would be able to record to VHS if that were the case. I have also tried to record from channel 2 to the DVD and it worked just fine even though there was nothing on there to record. I am at a complete loss. It worked fine recording from channel 3 just a week or so ago and then all the sudden it can’t record anymore.

From your clarification it appears that your connections are of one standard configuration that would seem unlikely to be the cause of the problem you describe. I’m unsure of the specifics of “from my TV I have AV cables . . . to my RCA jacks on the back of combo.” However those connections might be arranged, I should not think that this is the cause of the problem.

While I do not have a DMR-E75V I am in awe of those fortunate enough to have this or the other most recent hard drive Panasonic models. Perhaps Panasonic may again offer hard drive machines in the US market once the market has become settled after the full digital implementation in 2009.

I have read a number of discussions and skimmed on-line PDF versions of the Operating Instructions for several Panasonic hard drive models.

That does not make me in any way an authority on your machine and its operation.

In the discussions there are a number of comments concerning problems arising when there are scheduled programs set for one format, say VHS, with the result that scheduling or recording in the other format(s), DVD (and possibly hard drive scheduling/recording) becomes confounded. And the opposite example is also true, i.e., when a scheduled recording is set for DVD, the result is that VHS scheduling/recording (and possibly hard drive scheduling/recording) becomes confounded. And perhaps this may also apply to scheduled hard drive recordings confounding scheduling/recording to VHS or DVD. The posters point out that these problems are NOT due to conflicts from overlapping schedules. The presence of ANY SCHEDULING in the “other” format brings on the problem. Might this be the problem you have encountered?

Perhaps DMR-E75V users might respond with advice based upon their personal experience.

This forum allows one to edit messages only within thirty minutes of the original posting; not enough leeway for slow thinkers such as I am. I attempted to add this information (just a few minutes too late) to the end of the first paragraph in my above post:

But notice the distinction, found in the Operating Instructions at page 20, in that the upper RCA outputs are “common” where “both DVD and VHS signals can be output” and the lower RCA outputs, designated “Priority Out,” reads “you can also playback a tape with the DVD Priority terminal except while recording or making a scheduled recording on the DVD.” This information, however, may have no relevance to the problem.

In my two most recent posts I confused your DMR-E75V combo recorder with the DMR-EH75V combo recorder model with a hard drive.

In the Operating Instructions for the DMR-E75V the information concerning “common” and “priority” outputs appears on page 12. Again, this may be irrelevant to your machine’s problem.

I have models DMR-ES30V, DMR-ES35V, and DMR-ES40V, all combo recorders without hard drives. I have never set scheduled recordings in both the VHS and DVD formats on the same machine so I don’t know if the scheduling/recording problems mentioned in the discussions are present in my machines. (My DMR-ES30V and DMR-ES40V models were manufactured in 2005. My DMR-ES35V models were manufactured in 2006. The first number appearing in the product serial number indicates year of manufacture.)

When you recorded from channel 3 a week ago was that a DVD recording or a VHS recording?

When you attempted to record from channel 2 did your machine actually place a blank recording on the DVD? If that recording attempt did not place any kind of recording on the DVD then I would suspect an equipment failure of some kind rather than a recording or scheduling problem related to a design flaw.

I’m glad I came across this thread. I have a Direct-TV HD-DVR box. One of my DMR-EH75vs machines is connected to it. Even if I was watching HD content, the Panasonic would have no problems recording the show (of course the show is captured to the hard drive in SD).

Why do I still use the Panny if I have an HD-DVR box? It’s nice being able to record two channels at once (like during US Open tennis for example). Then I can watch from the HD-DVR box and record to the Panasonic at a later date if I feel like burning to disc (haven’t burnt much lately).

Most of the time, I had recorded directly to the Panasonic (live or scheduled manual records). It’s just easier to use and playback on, as I don’t like the functionality or the user-friendliness of the HD-DVR. It’s slow and frustrating. The SD content doesn’t look so bad on the big plasma.

Up until last night, everything worked fine for over a month. Now, just tonight, I got the “no rec, copyright material” error for the first time. It doesn’t matter which channel I tune to, the eh75 refuses to record anything to the hard drive. I wonder what changed. I mean, what are these blokes afraid of? It’s not like the Panasonic is capturing HD content.

However, the eh75 in another room (connected to a standard D-TV box) has no problems recording at all. What is the difference? Is it simply due to a different signal going in/out of the HD-Box vs. the SD-box?


dual satellite in from outside dish to HD-Box
HDMI from HD-box to plasma
regular S-Video, composite audio from HD-box to DMR-eh75v.

Something has clearly changed on Directv’s end, and it happened during the last 24 hours for sure.