Panasonic DMR-E60. Your thoughts on it?

I read there are mixed views on this product.

What is it like in converting VHS to DVD, recording off TV and the i.Link?

I’ve been on other forums and didn’t get much of a response.

Any help greatfully appreciated.

I have the E50 which is an E60 without the DVI and card slot, they work well as a replacement to your VCR, you wont be able to copy (copy protected) VHS tapes without removing the copy protection using a device which sits between your D60 and the VCR.

As a stand alone recorder the quality is excellent in XP and SP record modes, quality on LP and EP modes are not so great.

Last of all, the E60 has been replaced by an upgraded model

Thank you for your response. I have read many reviews on this model, the majority say it’s really good, others do not.

I thought it would be handy to have a standalone DVD recorder which could do DVD-R and DVD-RAM together. For editing purposes I’d use a burner for that.

I thought of the E60 because of the i.Link.

Just don’t fancy forking out £ in the 100s for something I have no idea of its quality.

What is the upgrade model?

Thank you

The new model is DMRE65EBS
Around £400
See Panasonics UK web site for more info

Thanks for that. I’ve also seen a GK version of the e60. This is regionfree no idea if the others are. Last time I went to Panasonics website it wasn’t there.

I was being silly, the upgrade is also a worldwide version.

I’ve seen the DMR-E65 for £230 and a little less on eBay (finishing price), amazing how quick they have dropped in price.

Here you can read some very detailed and useful reviews:
And a review comparing it to Philips DVDR80 (from one of my favorite, referential sites):

Excellent links, alex thyl. I also use for reviews too.