Panasonic DMR-E55 does not supportr DVD-r from LG burner

Have Panasonic DMR-e55 and when I burn my information from my computer using DVD-r discs and a Lg burner my panasonic burner says ot can’t support it. Need Help!

I have no trouble with exactly the same hardware you have. Specifically, what are you burning; if it is not a DVD, it really should not be readable.

What I am trying to burn is my Mp3 songs on a DVD-R using a LG burner so I can play them in my panasonic DMR-E55 which is hitch to my home stereo. When I burn A CD-r it works but on DVD format it does not it say it cannot read it. Also using Nero to burn. One thing the panasonic instruction says you might have to finalize your DVD-R if coming from other players in which it says the panasonic can do. How do you do this as their is not instructions.

I would have to expect that the Panasonic does not expect to see a DVD as a CD. When you burn files to a CD or to a DVD on software such as Nero it automatically finalizes it unless you specify multi session.

If you look in the Panasonic Menu you will find the setting for finalizing in the Disc Setting section but it is clear that this is for -R discs recorded in the E55 only and I don’t think that is the problem.

hi any one got the region free code for the dmr-e55 many thanks