Panasonic DMR E100H DVD-rs freezes during playback



Hi, I’m new here.

I am backing up my home videos to DVD using my Panasonic DMR E100H. I record tapes in SP mode to the hard drive, then dub using high speed mode to a DVD-r. DVDs are then finalized.

Playing back the DVDs on my DMR E100H or my DMR EH50, the picture will freeze for 10-20 seconds, then starts up again.
The freezes happen after about 5-10 minutes of playback but they also happen in the middle and towards the end of the movie as well. Usually there are 1-3 freezes during playback.

I tried dubbing in SP mode instead of the high speed mode and got the same
problem during playback with the temporary freezing.

When the picture freezes, it looks like it is on pause. There is no pixelating or anything like that.

I am using the CompUSA 2X DVD-rs on my Panasonic DMR E100H, because that machine is an older one and can only handle the 1x-2x discs. (4x and higher bomb out during dubbing or finalizing.)

Can anybody out there tell me if this is a hardware problem or problem with the DVDs? I have used the CompUSA 2x and the Leda 1x discs on this machine with no problems before.

Thank you so much!


Have you updated the firmware? Panasonic has updatews for every settop they made. I have a E80H machine and it works better now with more media.
Try that and I’ll bet yours is there. Just burn the ISO as they say and pop it in.