Panasonic chases European Blu-ray recorder market

I just posted the article Panasonic chases European Blu-ray recorder market.

Panasonic is set to launch its range of Blu-ray video recorders in Europe, starting with France, the electronics giant announced on Thursday at the IFA consumer electronics show. Panasonic already…

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Panasonic appears to be launching a worldwide Blu-ray blitz at the moment… Japan, Europe, the United States, and any other market it thinks it can sell players in.

Consumers seem to be ready to wait patiently on the sidelines until they see decently priced units available, but we’ll wait and see…

one more reason to get the f*** out of north america looks like product is now first in asia then europe then the late a** usa market… when the hell are we going to see that recorder with digital tuners here!!! we will never be able to see it here… broadcasters would cry foul. oh no they are recording our hd shows. this is the bs of the usa!!

[please watch your language, timothy…]

um, lot’s of things come out first in the US. Such as movies. Alot of the time movies hit theaters first, then months can go by in Europe until it starts there. You guys went to the moon first, and the first this century to try out Christian Fascism. True alot of things are better in Europe but I would not leave the US cause you can’t record an HD show.