Panasonic boosts DVD-RAM capacity

I just posted the article Panasonic boosts DVD-RAM capacity.

It’s like we have not enough DVD versions, here’s another version of DVD RAM. This version can hold up to 9.6 GB data on a single, double-sided disc. Still the price is a little high:


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Prices will go down, they first have to get their money back they putted in the research.

Note: Panasonic did NOT boost DVD capacity. 9,6Gb DVD Rams were always here, but not a recordeable version.

Hey vinny,

Did it say that Panasonic boosted their DVD’s??

Yeah, the title does, but who cares, why nit-pick!

9.7 GB hmmm

Panasonic here is talking about 4.7 GB DVD-RAM with 2 writable sides - double sided.
Because of this the media has to go into a tray - pitty cause this makes it incompatible with a normal DVD-ROM drive.
True is the fact that DVD media and related products are slowely becoming cheaper due to production boost.
A lot of Taiwanees companies have already OEM licences for producing this products.
It is even today that I received a sample product DVD-RAM 4.7 single and double sided from Prodisc Taiwan.

For all those who want to know exactly what different models 4.7 GB there are look at this page on our site. It explains wich formats are around.

But it is in DUTCH. Sorry for the lack of English people…

Well actualy the Panasonic media isn’t incompatible with normarl DVD-roms!!! If you brake apart the housing of a DVD-ram you can use it in your DVD-rom drive! Panasonic engineer told me this himself