Panasonic BD-R SL

Is this still good after 3 years?

I would say no

Over the 20GB mark it can´t be readable, I guess

And theres already a topic:

Does the disc have visible signs of oxidation on the outer edge?

Thanks for responding nixa_mk!

I do not know what oxidation looks like. I compared it to an unburned BD-R and i saw nothing different. All i have on the disc are backup iso’s of retail software that i own.

In your case oxidation is not the issue. It seems you got scanning results from the area of the disc that doesn’t contain any data. LiteOn or OptiDrive doesn’t recognize the data boundaries correctly - try to set boundaries manually up to the actual burned size (I guess somewhere around the 20GB mark).

Oxidation looks like this:

*This is taken from lui_gough blog (also club.myce member):

It looks dirty, did you try to clean it?
With a soft cloth and a bit pressure.

Was also my first on my mind, but never had this with BD-R-media, only with BD-RE

@Vogelschreck I did try to clean it. I had forgotten how to handle optical media!