Panasonic BD-R imports

With Falcon/FTI BD-R discontinued in 2016 and Panasonic BD-R only available by import from Japan I’m wondering if anyone knows how to minimize the cost of importing a large number of Panasonic discs.

Clearly buying from eBay and Amazon sellers is not a good approach. Per-pack shipping from Japan in addition to the 13-15% in fees those sellers are dealing with leads to very high overhead and around $50 (US) per 30-pack.

Using a forwarding company it looks like I can get the price down as low as $35 per 30-pack. However, the options I’ve found for shops in Japan are either using “free” shipping (3400 yen and up, domestic shipping price built in per pack, very inefficient) or charge more per pack plus shipping on top of that (even more inefficient). The price per disc for 50-packs always seems to be higher which is just plain ridiculous, so I’m mostly ignoring those.

If anyone knows of a shop selling multiple packs together at a discount with “free” shipping or that sells packs for a fair amount under 3400 yen with shipping added after that would be very helpful.