Panasonic BD-R: American/European vs Japanese

A study discussed in this thead: tells that Panasonic BD-Rs are pretty good. They have “50 Years Archive Life” on the package. I wonder whether these Panasonic BD-Rs from Japan are as good:

They don’t mention “50 Years Archival Life” (I mean I would see “50” even if the rest of the text was in Japanese). On the other hand, these are Japanase (home of Panasonic). So I’m confused whether I should avoid these if I’m after what those American/European Panasonic discs offer.

The last few packs I’ve bought here in the UK did not have the “50 Years Archive Life” logo on the packaging. The issue was discussed towards the end of this thread:

It included an answer (of sorts) I got from Panasonic when I queried it.