Panasonic announces three Blu-ray Disc burners

I just posted the article Panasonic announces three Blu-ray Disc burners.

Japan today officially announced its first Blu-ray Disc burners. The SW-5582 is
a half-height burner with support for burning and reading BD-R/RE single layer
(SL) and dual…

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I’ll take a raincheck on these first generation devices. Maybe by the 3rd generation, the prices will fall to a reasonable level, DRM issues will be resolved, and the format war will be over.

if only everyone had the above view ?

it will need better specs than that for people to buy 1! make the dvd and cd writing and reading speeds as good as current dvd burners and dont make it £500 like the 1st pioneer 1x dvd writer!

Anyone know will it “take” DVD-RAMs with caddy ? Also will it write old x1 and x2 DVD-RAMs ?

If you read the press release, they say they will introduce non-cartridge discs - so this seems to be what this drive will do…and its a pitty!

You know what really pisses my off. Is that Japan gets every fuckin thing first. Shit if Japan gets it in June. We here in the US will have to waity till Sept… I want my BR burner NOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!

Boycott HD!!! They’re trying to limit fair use? we’ll limit their profits!

what the hell are you crying about King salamon ??? what about the EU … Firsth Asia and Japan cuz they make the damn stuff and are a techy people ( duh ) … the the US … and the fisrth 6 - 8 months later we in EU can get the hands on the stuff … Darn PSP and PS2 :frowning: … Still as sayed 1 gen. devices are costy and crappy … so I`ll wait for the gen. ore gen. 3 … who need HD-DVD and BlueRay now anyhow ? Dual Layer DVD will do just fine …