Panasonic announces a CD/MP3 carplayer

I just posted the article Panasonic announces a CD/MP3 carplayer.

Since some time, portable CD players and DVD players with the ability to play MP3 cdroms have become quite common. Also in the carhifi world MP3 is making its introduction. It already happened some…

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I have a AIWA cd/mp3 player since JAN 2001 !! :slight_smile: So PANASONIC is very late :4 PS : The AIWA player is very very good :7

The AIWA unit isn’t too bad but I just don’t like car decks with crazy displays, like this one. The biggest problems with the new car mp3 decks, besides the price, is that there are none that will play mp3 disks in theri respective CD changers. This seems to be quite a big omission to me. I would really like to put 12 CDs of mp3s in my trunk. Now that would be cool!!

I have the JVC KD-SH99R carstereo with MP3 support, and it ROXX !! Really love that thing…

Anyone can tell where find an Aiwa CDC_MP32 in Switzerland??? If possible in canton Ticino, I am Italian!!! thx a lot :slight_smile: