Panasonic adds new features to DMC-LX3 camera

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Panasonic releases new firmware for DMC-LX3, which adds several new features including High Dynamic mode,

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At this time of writing, the Firmware download link is down on Panasonic’s website. This can be downloaded from [see below]. Before applying this to the camera, please follow the steps on Panasonic’s official firmware update guide.

When the bin image is placed on the root of an SD card and loaded into the camera, the following will be displayed when the camera is switched on in “Playback” mode, assuming its firmware has not been updated yet and the battery has a full charge:

The firmware update process takes around 10 seconds. The following message is displayed during the update:

Once the update completes, the camera will return to the playback mode.

Update: Panasonic left a note saying it suspended its download link due to investigate the reliability of the firmware. Those who applied this firmware are advised to take note of any customisations they have on the camera and perform a reset (Reset in the setup menu) to restore the camera settings to its defaults:

Well, the firmware is no longer available. Panasonic removed it “to make sure the reliability of the firmware, more specifically in case of the use of some newly added functions on Custom shooting mode.”

The download is expected to be available back again sometime later this month, perhaps by the 20th.

I’m very happy with the quality of the Lumix cameras and just got a DMC-TZ5 Silver. It’s a little noisy in places, but nothing Noiseware won’t handle. I think some of these companies are getting a bit sloppy about noise, but buying the software is cheaper than buying a camera with good noise suppression and it does a better job.

Firmware for the TZ5 can be found here.

Panasonic has released an updated version now, v2.1, which can be obtained on their website here.

Panasonic recommends users who downloaded V2.0 to install this update also.