Panasonic adds new BD (Blu-ray Disc)/DVD recorder to its DIGA family

I just posted the article Panasonic adds new BD (Blu-ray Disc)/DVD recorder to its DIGA family.

  Supporting Both 50GB BD  Rewritable and Conventional DVD-RAM and DVD-R Discs, the New Model Records 4.5  Hours of Digital HDTV Programs   Osaka,  Japan --  Matsushita Electric Industrial...
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Looks a bit chunky and industrial, like those early video recorders…

Kinda like you need to wear a lead apron when you use it. Is this going to cost around 2800 US?

looks positively slim compared to the Sony one. It seems they were “inspired” by the slanted faceplate, tho. What I wanna know is, what does this mean: “The DIGA BD/DVD recorder will be introduced to the Japanese market on July 31, 2004 with an open-price basis.” “Open price basis” I’m assuming to mean the prices will be revealed then…?