Panasonic 8CM, MEI 00V003 MID, Who?

A bought some 8CM DVD-R’s that are panasonic branded, i have seen them in currys before but they want £12.99 for 3, svp stock them now at £1.99 for 3 so i thought why not get some as when i looked at them in currys they said made in japan on the back so im thinking maybe TY, Maxell or maybe Sony. Ok i just put one in my drive and the mid is MEI 00V003, who the hell makes these any one know ??

MEI: Matsushita Electric Industrial

Also known as “Matshita” and “Panasonic”.


Anyone know if there anygood or not ?? not to bothered if they are crap or only anygood for short term as they wasn’t expensive, if i had of bought them from currys i would have been a bit cheesed off.

they are very good, don’t worry :iagree:

Good as in burn quality, playback, dont degrade fast … ??

Friend of mine has burnt at least 100 of them (he use them with DVD-R video camera) with no problems and coasters and with very good PI/PO values.
I will post some PI/PO scans later…

Burn for US :bow:

What me ?? Can do soon.

Yes you are because your master of this thread :bigsmile:
Burn for us :bow: Burn for us :bow: