Panasonic 50" Plasma HDTV - $1399.99 after coupon code at

I get these links once in a while, also this one from Newegg:

Panasonic 50" Plasma HDTV - $1399.99 after coupon code: TH50PX100 at

This is a very nice price for 50". Any1 out there is a sport fan, should go for this one. Plasma is as close as tube technology as you can get. [B]NEVER[/B] go for LCD, LCD sucks and overpriced. LCD cannot produce true black, cannot see anything during a dark scene, and it is lagging when watching a live televise show such as a sport program

How I wish I had the money.

Good price, good brand…too bad it’s just 720p. I’m waiting for the 1080p plasmas to come down. Until then my HD-CRT will do.

Currently, 1080P capable 50" plasma is almost triple the price. Panasonic 50" that is 1080P costs around $3500

I would suggest getting the Panasonic Commercial Broadcast model instead of the consumer model. The 1080p model is superb and $2599.

This is a monitor. The price will grow if somebody needs a tuner since there’s none built into this TV.

Exactly…That’s too much, too early for this technology to buy right now. But just wait a couple of years. (My CRT is pretty new so I can wait).

found an HD receiver/tuner, samsung brand at Circuit city for $200. I prefer to have HD tuner built in