Panasonic 4x 25GB BD-R 60 discs for $57.80



Hope it’s ok to post an eBay deal here.

I found a listing of 60pc (2x30pk spindle) Panasonic 4x 25GB BD-R discs for $57.80.

Only 2 lots available.


Are these PREMIUM discs? never heard of Panasonic media having a good rep…
I suppose the MIJ media gets higher $$… I guess someone has to take over for TY who does not want to be in the optical disk market anymore…


Panasonic media not having a good reputation? :eek::confused:

In the early days of DVD-R, Panasonic discs (with MEI MID) were one of the stand out performers. Very hard to find in Europe, and expensive, but superb quality.

And their DVD-Ram media has always been made to the highest standards.

As for their BD-R discs… they have been the stand out performer among BD-R discs since the dawn of Blu-Ray writing. They have proven to have the most consistent quality, best drive compatibility and (not surprisingly) have been the undisputed number one recommendation on this forum for years!

Just have a quick browse of the bank media forum. :wink:


[QUOTE=Ibex;2759122]Panasonic media not having a good reputation? :eek::confused:

Ya, this guy is not a cdfreak


Nah, all I heard about on here was Taiyo Yuden this, Taiyo Yuden that… not once did I see, oh yeah, gotta get some of those panasonic dvd-r’s… lol! Some TY MIJ media was getting ZERO errors on DVDs… unheard of… does that ever happen on PS media?.. never know b/c it didn’t come up much… at least the forums I’ve read…

NTL, What I’m referring to is back in the cd-r days and other media like cassette tapes (yup, I’m a dinosaur)… Panasonic was just jettisoning the Matushita brand from 6x cdr recorders… a stand-out back then? not really… Sony was the shizzle in electronics…


Great, buy some low grade BD-R’s and leave the good ones for us.


[QUOTE=tmc8080;2759215]Some TY MIJ media was getting ZERO errors on DVDs… unheard of… [/QUOTE]
On the contrary, zero error scans used to be very common.

But it wasn’t anything to do with the quality of the discs. :wink:

Just find an old drive which couldn’t scan properly (if at all) and an early copy of CD Speed with all the bugs left in.

There is one bona fide zero PIF scan on this forum, but that had lots of PIE errors so doesn’t qualify as ‘zero error’. For truly zero error scan, the above method is the only way to go. :iagree: