Panasonic 400Gb recorder burns 1 hour DVD-R in 56 seconds

I just posted the article Panasonic 400Gb recorder burns 1 hour DVD-R in 56 seconds.

 Matsushita, maker of Panasonic products, have unleashed some darn nice set top recorders. Or at least  they are getting ready to in Japan soon. In total there are five new models  of DIGA...
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Isn’t this the same Panny that Eagerly Embraced Circuit City Divx? How ironic!

The DMR-E330H, DMR-E220H have the Two Tuner Capability.I Don’t know why the top of the line model does not.

…Now the question is do these players handle Dual layer DVD record?

Panasonic makes some great quality stuff and this looks like a good example of it. They sure don’t like supporting the + format.

Burning a 1 hour program at a really low bitrate is not the same as burning a 1 hour DVD-R though is it. Just how little data is being wrote to get a figure of 56 seconds?

I Have Piles asks the question I want answered. Plus, how come CD writers top out at 52x and DVD at 16x yet this thing can write DVD at 64x? There is some fancy figuring going on here. Plus, What the hell is high speed dubbing?

It’s just marketing… 64x dubbing speed is only when you record in lowest quality mode to HDD, equivalent to 8 h on one SL DVD which is VCD quality at best… You can then copy this from the HDD to DVD at 8x burn speed and that gives you Panasonic’s magic ~64x dub speed. And because of ZCLV (or if the burner use PCAV) this is not even true in the inner part of the disc.

Thanks JSL! Boy that’s hype alright. But I knew you could not spin a DVD disc fast enough to get a ‘true’ 64x because of the 52x limitation for CD recorders.

Panasonic is setting the Recommended Retail Price at US$1499. Does anyone know if the ethernet connection will allow streaming from PC’s and playing of various formats of media?