Pan dmr es10

Hi to all,
I am new to the forum and have read bits about disk issues. I have a Pan dmr es10 and have had a number of problems with disks making really terrible noise when accessing, not reading some recorded tapes, digital drop on some recordings, self checking once or twice a week. I was thinking that it is the hardware and was going to take it back. The media I use is Panasonic dvd-ram 2-3x speed disks. Should I re-think these issues, are they media rather than hardware!!! Many thanks, this is a really great forum.
:frowning: :frowning:

Hello, well, it could be that the disk youur putting in is slightly warped, it could also be your firmware, but if you want to reduce the noice you can download nero drivespeed

You have a defective unit, suggest you return it. this has been reported a few times with the Panny’s Most ES-10s are very good. I think if you get it replaced you will be very happy with the new unit.

thanks very much for your help I will try and get a replacement, it is still in warrante!! Cheers Neil

What does the noise sound like? Sounds like you’re having the same problems I’m having with mine. I really should do something about it but hate repair shops (“nope, nothing wrong with it–perfectly normal, they ALL do that”, or they do open it up and break something else in the process).