Pam Anderson

— LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A judge has awarded former “Baywatch” star Pam Anderson and her ex-husband, rocker Tommy Lee, $740,000 each in their long-running court fight against a porn company over a notorious videotape of them having sex.

U.S. District Judge Dean Pregerson awarded Anderson and Lee a default judgment in their long-running, 1998 copyright infringement and invasion of privacy lawsuits against Internet Entertainment Group for selling the videotape over the Web.

Pregerson initially threw out the lawsuit in November of 1998, saying that the couple had signed away the rights to the so-called “honeymoon” tape, but an appeals court overturned that ruling and ordered further proceedings.

That was a weird porno tape… :wink: Sucks for them to have had that private matter blown out into the public.

It’s hard to imagine a so-called celebrity being stupid enough to MAKE a video in the first place. It didn’t just magically appear on someone’s desk at the porno company either, somebody gave it up.

hah…how stupid.
she likes being watched anyways.

Well, she got well-paid for it , (now), didn’t she? That’s more than a first-rate porn star makes!

I was always wondering when she would start her porn career and be payed quite some money. I guess she is now where she wanted to be…

I guess she doesn’t care about her being watched… she’s a slut anyway :wink:

Originally posted by Dee-ehn
I guess she doesn’t care about her being watched… she’s a slut anyway :wink:

Not even a beatiful slut though… All about her are fake.

still better than dansmug’s girlfriend :stuck_out_tongue:

i have that video :bigsmile:

dontcha? :stuck_out_tongue: can find with grokster :wink:

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[B]i have that video :bigsmile:

dontcha? :stuck_out_tongue: can find with grokster :wink: [/B]

I saw that one a couple of years ago. Didn’t impress me much…


Maybe I should make a money, release it on the internet, wait about 5 years or so and then sue the crap out the company that puts it out for everyone to see.

I could get rich that way

what is up Pam’s ass? she wore barely anything in public, was a slut, and fake.

I read this news in the papers the other day. I wonder what damage charges someone like her claims to want. she does most things in public anyway. Not that i am complaining.