Palin E-Mail Hacker Says It Was Easy



She certainly went from a virtual nobody straight to hacker target number one, eh?

A person claiming to be the hacker who obtained access to Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s private Yahoo e-mail on Tuesday has posted a supposed first-person account of the hack, revealing the relatively simple steps he says he took to crack the private e-mail of the Republican vice-presidential candidate.

The story was briefly posted Wednesday to the 4chan forum where the hack first surfaced. Bloggers have connected the handle of the poster, “Rubico,” to an e-mail address, and tentatively identified the owner as a college student in Tennessee.

Threat Level was unable to reach the student by phone because his number is unlisted. A person who identified himself as the student’s father, when reached at home, said he could not talk about the matter and would have no comment. The father is a Democratic state representative in Tennessee. Threat Level is not identifying them by name because authorities have not identified any suspects in the case, and the link to the student so far is tenuous. The father, in a second call with Threat Level late Thursday afternoon, said that neither he nor his son has been contacted by any law enforcement authorities. A local Tennessee paper had erroneously reported that his son had been contacted by authorities, he told Threat Level.

Rest of the article available over at Wired. It looks like one of the people suspected of being the Palin hacker is the son of a Democrat politician (of course).

We’ll see how it pans out…


Well if the hacker found it so easy to hack into a womans
family e-mails. Why not do the same for BARRACK,MICHELLE,
OBAMA, and his cronies. While I personally don’t care who
wins. I would like to see the e-mails with BARRACK,and REV.
WRIGHT,FATHER FLAGEOR,and others. Fair play?