Pal2NTSC using DVD2SVCD?

Is it possible to use DVD2SVCD to convert Pal avi to Ntsc dvd . I have used DVD2SVCD to convert the original PAL avi to dvd and then tried converting to NTSC using Tmpeg but the picture becomes jerky when there is an action sequence. Thankyou in advance :confused:

Check out as it will give you csome clues on how to edit the Avisynth script to achive PAL to NTSC. Convert the 25fps PAL to 23.976fps NTSC and then you may have to run Pulldown manually to convert it to 29.97fps.

Thank you. I did manage to encode and convert in Tmpge without the jerkyness in the motion sequences. Just did the video though. Used Vdub to extrct audio and preserve ac3 6channel as a wav file then used besliced to convert back to ac3 and besweet to covert audio to NTSC. Authored using Tmpge Author. Everything seemed to work great until about 25 min into a 60 min flic when there was a distortion in the scene for about a second or 2 and then the audio was out of sync. Oh well back to the dawing board.Is it possible to cut out the distorted scene and rejoin a finished dvd? Thank you again.

Best is to fix the AVI first then re-encode. Check out DivFix and DivXRepair. You could try editing the mpg file TMPGEnc made (with the audio muxed in), I’d use MPEG2VCR. Then author the final mpg.

Thankyou. Yes I did run the avi thru DIVFIX, re-encoded and it came out nicely. One really weird problem though. I usually burn to a DVD-RW to see if all has gone well. So when I watched the RW all was fine except for a very minor AV sync problem at the end. However when I burned it to dvd-r that distortion was there and the av sync was very noticable for the last half of the movie. My RW’s are Maxell and R’s are Memorex. Could it be the disks. I have had absolutely no luck with Memorex DVD-RW’s so could the Memorex -r’s be as bad as the RW’s. Will try to copy my good source RW to another dvd-r and see what happens since I have deleted the other files from my cpu. Is DVDXCOPY a good program to do this? or is there any freeware out there. I have never copied a dvd before. Thank you in advance again.

MANY members here have reported problems with the Memorex DVDR’s, so I would stear clear of them. I use Ritek and they burn and play perfect on everything I can play them on.

Just use DVD Decrypter (freeware) to copy the RW to a R. Run DVD Decrypter, hit the R key (for read mode) and it will read and make an ISO file of the whole RW. Then hit W (write mode), select the ISO image and burn.

Thanks again. Will give it a go asap and report back.

Worked great!!! Thanks again