I think those are the two names of the different formats, anyway my question is does DVDFab let me watch a movie on either format when I burn it or do I have to select which format I want it to be in? I’m going on vacation to Vietnam in a few months and wanted to take a few movies with me and didn’t know if I could play them on their format.

You may have trouble with TVs in some areas. Probably due to the former French influence there, Vietnam uses SECAM (as do France and Russia) and has 50 Hz power. But the list I checked listed Vietnam as using both SECAM and NTSC (no PAL, which is an easier conversion to/from NTSC). Take your laptop for areas where the TVs won’t work.

Ok so I can just burn and watch on a television there or do I have to do some kind of conversion first? Also, how do I convert? Does DVD Fab have a setting I can change?