Pal to ntsc

Hi everyone I am new to this forum so I dont know if these is where I should post this question so here it goes. I a svcd file that I got from the internet the problem is that its in pal I want to know if there is anyway I can coverted to ntsc so I can burn the file and play it in my dvd player because it doesnt play pal. I am in the ntsc region.

Can anyone please help me out here please

Which movie did you download? If it is illegally downloaded, then no help here.

I personally don’t know the answer, but the search might be useful!:slight_smile:

i I dont take part in any illegal downloads I am so much against that kind of stuff. That is wrong for you to even assume that . That is what is wrong with this world today people jumping to conclusions but I guess understand why you are so negative. thanks for the input.

legallities asside, if it’s an image file, you may be able to open it with dvdshrink…and convert to ntsc, just a suggestion…:slight_smile:

Ok, well is it an MPEG file? AVI? BIN/CUE? What is the file type?