Hi there, when I download SVCD’s from the net usually i just convert to vcd and burn play in my dvd player and no problem. That is until recently! Lately some of the movies when played in my dvd player have this green line at the top of the screen which is weird. After some investigation i noticed the movies which play fine have a different resolution and framerate than the ones that dont work. Ive come to the conlusion my dvd player or tv doesnt play PAL movies so i need to convert them.

Anyways i read that converting PAL to NTSC means i gota throw in more frames which will make it look like crap. Is there any way I can keep the quality and convert? or trick my dvd player into thinking its a NTSC???


Also I need a link to a good conversion guide if its even worth it.


Anyways so i did a test. I found this super easy way to convert using TMPGenc. One problem i found, the picture doesnt look any different from what I can tell, but the width of the film seems to be shorter so its cutting some of the movie off. Anyways of keeping the size???

look HERE

I did, thats not helping me. What I have are SVCD’s mpeg-2 but when I put them in TMPGEnc it says mpeg-1 (and yes i have the codec!). So ANYWAYS. I tried just converting them to SVCD NTSC anyways as im under the impression they are MPEG-2 PAL. When i converted a small sample it was fine, because then I used the header trick to make my dvd player think they are MPEG-1. Then i burnt and they played fine which was what I was aiming for anyways. Now the problem is the screen was cropped on the sides obviously cos the conversion changed the size aspect ove tried a lot of things. Anyways what I need to know is how do i check for certain that its a SVCD(MPEG-2) or VCD(mpeg-1) also how do i check for certain that its PAL or NTSC. And If possible how do i check if its 4:3, 16:9??

Also is the way im converting this ok? I mean he has a seperate guide on converting SVCD to VCD and im not even bothering as his regular method for x - > VCD works fine for me making SVCD’s. I dont know Im new to all this and finding it kinda headachy im sure ill get the hang of it eventually.