I have a shared, bootleg (non-commercial) DVD of a concert. It is a PAL version. I have been unable to create a good working NTSC copy that will play in my stand-alone dvd player.

I use Nero OEM, XP. I am attempting to research how to rip, copy and burn these type of dvds with this software. This post is part of the effort to edicate myself. Can anyone here give me some tech help or direct me to a good resource?


Background: I’ve done a lot of trial and error, with all sorts of errors, from “burn process failed” to creating a NTSC disc, but without a scrollable, interactive menu or (song) chapters. And that’s what I want: a NTSC format that has menu where I can click “Play”, “Next page” and “Select songs.”

I initially used Nero Recode to create what I assume were NTSC format files. There were 11 files, VIDEO_TS and VTS_01. (I have no idea what I’m looking at in the folder.) I don’t understand what the difference is between “Make a DVD” and “Make a Movie” in Nero, but I tried both. With each, the best I could do was get a dvd that started with the opening “menu shot”, that ran for 25 seconds, followed by the all the songs on the original. The concert is apparently all one file, rather than individual songs (chapters) like in the original. Like I said, I want an interactive menu like the original, and the ability to skip around to individual songs, as with the original.

I was able to make a disc-to-disc copy, but that was PAL, not playable in my DVD player. I know it worked on the computer, but I can’t recall if it had the interactive menu, etc.

What am I doing wrong? Or is this the best that I can expect?

This might help,

Thanks, donewell. I may use that link.

I finally got a copy of the DVD, although it remains in PAL. One of my players (other than the computer) accepts PAL format, so at least I can watch it now in some comfort.
I think I got the files ripped to the HD. At some point maybe I can convert them.
Actually, getting the full meal deal other than the OEM suite is probably what I’ll need. I discovered I only have a portion of Nero Recode. Nero recode 2 has only these options:
1.DVD to DVD
2.Main movie to DVD
3.Remake DVD

Not these (required for mpeg4, whatever that is):

4.Recode DVD to NeroDigital (I guess very very similar to that mpeg4).
5.Recode Main movie to NeroDigital.

So I’ll either have to spend $50 to upgrade to get all the Recode options or get some freeware that designed specifically to rip dvds, and an app that copies dvds. I guess.

Can you recommend any?

@ LtTony
Sorry other than what was at that site i sent a link to, i don’t know, i have never had to do it , i just searched and found that post for you. I think by reading it you should be able to convert with freeware. Good Luck

LtTony, if you have the PAL DVD file on your HDD, use vobmerge to create one single .vob… Now use FAVC or DVDFlick ,import the .vob and and choose NTSC output format…You’ll have your NTSC DVD…

Or use the guide in link provided by Donewell,since you have the PAL copy on HDD…
Or this guide,

There’s other methods, but start with that for now…hope it helps…

Thanks guys. I will check to see if that software is free. If so, I will try it. I wonder if it will create a conversion that still has a navigable menu, as you mentioned merging into “one single .vob.”

Do you know if I get the full (mpeg4 compliant) version of Recode if it will convert?

Also, how does one tell if a file is PAL or NTSC. I don’t see anything by just clicking “properties.”

In addition, I am considering some hacks to my main SONY dvd player that would enable PAL. I was bumping around the internet and found some guides. It might be as simple as that.

Replying to your pm here. If you want to check for PAL vs NTSC specifications, use MediaInfo . It is a free tool for analyzing video, and will tell you framerate, bitrate, and codecs used in the file.

This page shows the differences in PAL dvd video vs NTSC: The most common settings for PAL are 720 x 576 at 25fps. NTSC is usually 720 x 480 at 29.97fps, but as you can see from the chart, there are a few other specifications that can be used.

You asked for some software recommendations. FAVC I’ve already mentioned. Since you are working with non-encrypted dvds, you should look into a program called ImgBurn. It has replaced Nero for me as a burning tool, and is quite handy at making ISO’s of dvds so you can copy to new disks. You should read the guides to its use at the ImgBurn forums:
ImgBurn is free to download and use.

If you plan on editing mpeg video, depending on how elaborate you get, you should have a tool designed for that. Look into the programs made by Womble and VideoReDo. The QuickStream Fix tool in the VideoReDo programs is a lifesaver at times when you have audio/video synchronization problems in mpeg2 or full dvd files.
These programs are not free, but do have fully functional trials available for testing.

Thanks, Kerry. You touched on an unrelated topic – ISO – that I had intended to post on. Please check out my questions here: