Pal to NTSC

Long story short (well short as possible!)

I need to transfer a DVD in Pal Region 2 to be watchable in Japan - Region 2 NTSC?
I asked in the Any DVD section and it was suggested I bought another player as it couldn’t be done very well with software.

I’ve hunted and searched and now have DVDx which transferred it to AVI and a 15 day trial of Blaze Media Pro to convert it to NTSC.

My current problem is not quality (it’s great) but the fact that the original was made up of 4 different VOB files, which resulted in 4 AVI’s and then 4 NTSC MPEG2’s for the new DVD, BUT every copy I attempt only does the first section and ends missing the next 3!!

I tried Nero last night, and did a slow recode overnight, but although all 4 were there it’s done the same and only copied the first.

Sorry it’s so long - any thoughts?? Any program that could help?? Or any way of joining them up for one file to copy to DVD??


Have a look at the guide in my sig.

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Thanks for the very speedy reply.

I’ve read through the relevant pages but it seems really complicated for somebody of my really limited ability :o

You’ve no idea how long it’s taken me to get to the point of having 4 MPEG2 files sitting on my hard drive in NTSC (or at least I think they are :rolleyes: )

Is there anything really simple that will just join them together and burn them to a DVD.

I have downloaded RAD Video Tools, Any DVD, Clone DVD2, DVD Shrink, DVDx, Nero etc., if only I knew how to use them all properly!

There must be something simpler out there… help please :confused:

You can try this tool, I have not used it myself.

DvTools Ver 0.53 Download -

DvTools Author’s site. -

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