Sorry if this is in the wrong section - I had no idea where to put it (but have Any DVD :o )
I have an unprotected Scenic DVD of the Highlands of Scotland which I want to copy & send to a friend in Japan.
Like a complete wally, I removed the region coding… then realised Japan is the same region code as us :o :o

The problem is Pal vs NTSC. Is there any freeware (or perhaps one of the programs I already have that could transfer it say to AVI then burn it to a DVD as NTSC converted copy??

Please, keep it simple :rolleyes: :o

I’ve got Nero, Clone DVD, Any DVD, Rad Video Tools, DVD Shrink, and just downloaded a trial of Blaze Media Pro… which I think might convert it if I get it to an AVI file first??


Software solutions are unreliable. Buy a player that plays both formats.

I [B]can[/B] play them… I was just hoping for a more positive solution for the guy in Japan :confused:

So even if it’s not perfect, is there no freeware solution?

ConvertxtoDVD can convert files between formats but I don’t think it does the entire disc (just like movie only). It is not free either.

Most newer players will play both formats now-a-days. (not the el cheapos) I have 3 JVC players, different models, and all play both formats well. Have your friend check his players manual and see if it can do the same.

You could convert an entire disc but you’d have to make new menus using ConvertXToDVD for each section and doing selective rips until you could compile a whole DVD. The process would be time consuming to say the least. I used to use and recommend ConvertXToDVD but I can no longer support nor recommend VSO’s software due to their disregard for the GPL. There are free solutions such as FAVC & The Film Machine among others to pick from.

Watch the bonus features on your computer and only convert the main movie using a freeware solution if you can’t be bothered to get a DVD player that will handle NTSC & PAL. In the end a software solution will take far more time [than it’s worth] and never be as good as it could, IMHO, compared to buying a DVD player that can handle both NTSC & PAL. They aren’t that expensive.

A software solution is more of a headache than it’s worth.