PAL to NTSC on Clone DVD w/AnyDVD?

Greetings. I apologize for the probably redundancy and possible total ignornace of my question. I am a certified newbie! I have some PAL version DVDs that I would like to copy to be able to play on my Panasonic DVD player/recorder. I don’t quite understand how to do so. I am running AnyDVD with Clone DVD 2. I can straight copy the Pal DVDs, but they remain in Pal format. Is there a way to change the output to NTSC? I didn’t see an option for this while the movie was copying. I thought that was possible with AnyDVD running, but the DVD I copied produced a copy in PAL format as well. Is there a remedy for this? I know that multiregion players are cheap now, but not everyone has them.

I would truly appreciate any suggestions! :slight_smile:

Sorry for the redundancy. :sad:

What you are doing is not going to convert PAL to NTSC. You need to reencode the video using encoding programs like Cinema Craft Encoder or TMPGEnc. Here’s a link to info about PAL and NTSC.

It’s probably easier just to invest in a DVD player that can play both PAL and NTSC. I have Philips 642 (very affordable), and it can play both and many other formats, too. :smiley:

anydvd removes region coding and makes your discs region free. I think this might be what you’re confusing with PAL/NTSC conversion.

even if the copy is region free it still needs to be in the correct format before it will play correctly on your standalone.

in addition to scarfaceal’s suggestions, you may want to look into a program called DVD Santa. I can’t vouch for its output quality, but I’ve seen a few forum members reporting that it successfully solved their conversion problems.