PAL to NTSC conversions

I’ve just updated my AVI/DivX & DVD to DVDR Tutorials to include the steps needed to do a PAL to NTSC conversion for all those unfortunate people that have NTSC only playing DVD Players. Its attached at the bottom of the Tutes.

I’ve only done this a few times (to test run it as I live in a PAL world anyway) and has worked everytime, so hopefully it will work for you. and


Hi All,

In regards to the Pal to Ntsc conversion tutorial, added by ChickenMan, the instructions assisted me in a succesful conversion. I had tried another technique and it did not work for me. I am definitely a newbie and needed detailed instructions as provided. Thank you ChickenMan for your efforts, F-Buckfifty.

Glad to hear its worked for you to.