PAL to NTSC conversions

Is there a way to convert PAL DVDs to NTSC while copying?
Thanks, in advance.

Not that I know of. This isn’t a current function in DVDFab. Sorry.

There are programs that can once you have it on HD but is time consuming. Best to buy a player that plays both formats on your TV. I have a Cyberhome that cost me less than 50 bucks delivered and play PAL on 16/9.

Fortunately, I’ve never had to/wanted to convert one to the other.
There are a number of threads on this topic and all or most of the methods seem like quite the pain-in-the-butt.
I think most folks opt for a player that will play both formats. They can be had for a fairly cheap price. I know Mack (bigmacnc) bought one a few months back and is pretty happy with it.
Here’s the site:
and I think this is the player: PAL <---->NTSC compatible and region free for $54.99.

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Like maineman said, conversion is not an easy nor a pleasant process. Anyway:


  2. This method is cheaper and easier:

  1. This is a fast method but does not work with every player:

At the end it is easier to get a player that can play both standards. Maybe yours can.


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As far as I know ConvertXtoDVD will copy Dvd to Dvd and also gives you the option to change frame rates from Pal to Ntsc while doing so, you just need to encode your movie onto your hardrive first with DvdFab and import it into ConvertXtoDVD to convert files.

Now that SparkySpark mentions this program I think that other DVD Authoring software like Pegasys’s TMPGEnc DVD Author might include features like converting between color systems.

I just tried this with WinDVD Creator. It works but it took over half an hour to convert 2 chapters of the movie that had been ripped to the HDD by DVDFab. Don’t get in a rush.:slight_smile:

I found sort of a solution.What I did was copy my pal format dvd;s using dvdfab gold,
and I was able to play the copies on original xbox. I don’t know if the copies will
work on a xbox360 or not,or a playstation 2.So what you can do is try that.Also
just buy a region free player from bargain offers.,web site. fifty four bucks is nothing
for a small dvd player that will play all formats.
Good Luck ZAP EM.

Try this site for more info on the subject and technique using freeware

and here