PAL to NTSC Conversion Using AVStoDVD



I’m in the process of converting .vob files from a PAL dvd into a NTSC dvd using AVStoDVD. The only problem I have is that the finished product contains a lot of jerky motion that isn’t evident when I watch the original disc on my region-free player. What settings can I use on AVStoDVD to eliminate or greatly reduce the jittery motion?


AVStoDVD should be using DGPulldown to effect this change. The jerkiness comes from the frame rate change, and will be hard to eliminate with amateur level tools. AVStoDVD sometimes works for this, sometimes it doesn’t. This isn’t its main purpose.

You can go through the process manually, but you’ll need to learn how to use PGCDemux, AviSynth scripts, HCenc GUI and DGPullDown. Even then, you may not come up with a better result.

There are some tools that are supposed to handle this better. ConvertXtoDVD is a possibility, though the free version will put a watermark in the video.

DVDFlick is a free tool (uses ffmpeg) that may work. Absolutely no guarantees though.


The proper software based solution to be using for this task is

For Mac’s - Final Cut Pro

For Pc’s - Adobe Premiere Pro with Adobe After Effects and Adobe Encore

But in reality most people cannot afford the absorbent cost to purchase the software, So people resort to other means to try a make it work.

Here are some other guides for ya.

Convert PAL to NTSC




Thanks for the responses. Although I will use other methods if avs is unsuccessful, my question was about using only avstodvd. If anyone has been able to successfully convert from PAL to NTSC using AVStoDVD without any motion problems, I would like to know how they did it.

Also, how does one use tools like PGCDemux or DGPullDown manually in AVStoDVD? Some tools in the program like AviSynth and HCenc allow for adjustment, but I can’t find how to adjust things like DGPullDown in AVStoDVD.


When I said manually, I meant outside of AVStoDVD.

Some people have had success in straight conversions using AVStoDVD. I suspect that some sources are interlaced and some not, which adds a level of difficulty to the process. I don’t know how well AVStoDVD handles interlaced material on its own.


I’ve been testing the other direction . With AVStoDVD . NTSC to PAL .
I’m doing this so I will have a PAL disc to try to convert the other way .
My first attempt worked but was as your results jerky .
I will post if I get it any better .
@ Kerry56 , I can’t remember did you do a guide on AVStoDVD ?
I used the .VOBs from a movie & ended up with 7 titles.
After the conversion each .VOB has it’s own .IFO file .
The video plays OK in VLC but just reads the time stamp of the title it is playing .
Should I have used the Tools >" Join Source Titles (AVS file) " function ?
Or would that have resulted in one large .VOB ?


I’ve never written a guide for AVStoDVD cholla. I don’t think I’ve ever used the Join Source Titles function either.

When I import a dvd video, I almost always combine the vobs into one mpeg file before importation. I use Vob2Mpg for this normally. Some conversion programs will handle dvd-video without this step of course. When going to H264, Handbrake works with dvd-video with no issues.

Since I didn’t have a PAL dvd to experiment with, I made one from an avi tv capture file I had. Converting the xvid avi to PAL elementary streams in AVStoDVD went without issues, but going from PAL to NTSC needed a few extra steps.

The first thing I did was use DGIndex to create a .d2v file of the PAL video stream. When starting with a PAL dvd you would use DGIndex to create a similar file, and demux the audio and video streams into separate files. Or you could use PGCDemux to get them into separate streams and then run the video through DGIndex to create the .d2v file.

Then in Preferences–>Video within AVStoDVD I removed the check mark from the box that says Keep Mpeg2 DVD Compliant Video. Click on OK to save this setting temporarily (or you can check the box to make it permanent, but I don’t recommend that). I also made sure that the program was set to make an NTSC dvd.

Import the d2v file. If you have the corresponding audio in the same place, AVStoDVD should find it and bring up a pop-up box with it. Just close out the box. If this pop-up doesn’t show, you’ll need to right click on the d2v file in the main window of AVStoDVD and search for the audio to import it.

Once that is done, click on View/Edit Title Settings on the right side of the main window of AVStoDVD. Go to Video, remove the check mark in the box next to Auto Video Setup and put the Video Encoding Profile to HCenc 2 pass. Click OK.

Make sure you have output set to go where you want it, and make sure the pop up box that comes up says you are making an NTSC dvd video. Start the encode.

My result from this was an NTSC dvd-video that plays flawlessly on my computer. No jerkiness at all. I haven’t burned to a disk and tried it on a standalone player yet, but that is the next step.

You’ll notice that I didn’t try to use DGPullDown. I let AVStoDVD handle that step in combination with HCenc. It seemed to work fine for me.


Thanks Kerry , I will see what I can do to create a PAL from a Vob2Mpg .
Maybe that would work since I don’t think I have a TV capture .avi.
I may & just need to find it.
Then I will follow the steps you posted.

On this movie I’ve tried to join the .VOBs with three tools.
All failed to get the time stamp correct.
Two were versions of VOBMerge252
One was the joinvobfilestool
All had the same result .The movie time in VLC player &MPC-HC showed as 1 hour 9 minutes & some odd seconds . The actual time of this movie is 2:11:54 . So the VOB joiners are doing something wrong.


I made a PAL dvd video from the original elementary streams and burned it to a disc. I also made an NTSC version that I converted from those streams and burned to a disc. Both play without any problems whatsoever in my Samsung stand alone player.


I guess I should clarify.
I will attempt to create a .mpg file from the .VOBs with Vob2Mpg .
If that goes OK I will try to create the PAL elementary streams with AVStoDVD from that .mpg .
Then I will do what is necessary with that to create a PAL dvd video with AVStoDVD.
I will burn that to a DVD -RW(Verbatim) & test.
If all goes well I will try the steps to go back to NTSC


@ Kerry , This is what I’ve tried so far :
I created a .mpg file from the .VOBs with Vob2Mpg .
This was from NTSC VOB files .
The source VOBs show to be Progressive.
This looked good when played from an external hard drive to my wide screen TV via USB port on the TV.
I used the .mpg as a source for AVStoDVD & set it up to convert to PAL .
This attempt I used the DVD9 setting but used the " Elementary MPEG2 Streams" setting . I think it still used the DVD9 size because the .mpg source is 5.44GB & the
Elementary MPEG2 Streams file was 7.44GB .
It took about 4 hours for my dual core CPU to encode with HCEnc 2-pass.
That is much slower than when I compress a DVD9 to DVD5 with DVD-RB using HCEnc.
Usually around 1 hour 45 minutes .
I converted the Elementary MPEG2 Streams files to DVD compliant with DVDAuthorGUI.
When I tested this from the External HDD to the TV it had what I beleive were "interlacing " problems . During even light action scenes I could see horizontal bars .
MediaInfo shows the VOBs as Progressive .
I’m going to attempt it again but compress if possible maybe changing at least one HCEnc setting.
I’m using DVDAuthorGUI to avoid another encode if possible.
I may also attempt to use the " DVD Folder Structure " to see how that works.


So far from a NTSC DVD I haven’t been able to get an even fair quality PAL DVD.
The last two things I tried the .mpg made with Vob2Mpg to a DVD5 ,
Using AVStoDVD with a 2-pass HCEnc encode .
Next I put the 6 vobs through DGIndex & tried the .d2v it created.
Using AVStoDVD to DVD5 with a 2-pass HCEnc encode .

These when burned to a DVD -RW & played on my LG standalone to my 46’’ wide screen
have about 1/8" horizontal lines on even slight action .Very bad on fast action .

So I will be testing with another software I have to see if it does better.

@ Kerry56 , I didn’t have your success converting to PAL . Maybe I need to used something like HandBrake to create a good .avi from the DVD .vobs . Then convert that to a PAL DVD . (That is not what I’m trying next).
On using the Join Source Titles function : It automatically converter the 3_2 channel audio to just 2 channel . I guess someone familiar with writing script for AVISynth might be able to correct that . To bad AVStoDVD doesn’t have a choice for this.


Which is why I’ve mentioned several times that this conversion process is a bit hit or miss in AVStoDVD.

There may be a common thread in those success stories, but I’m not familiar with the details on anything but this test I carried out.

I could send you the two dvds if you want to look at them though. :bigsmile:


[QUOTE=Kerry56;2643351] I could send you the two dvds if you want to look at them though. :bigsmile:[/QUOTE]
Thanks for the offer Kerry but I think I’ll play around with some of the other software I have & see what I can get to work.
I started playing around trying to create one after Clueless in Seattle posted in another thread wanting to convert a PAL to NTSC. I thought I could create one .So far that hasn’t went too well .

What might help is posting what the MediaInfo is on the avi tv capture file .
If I can create a similar one maybe I can go from there.


Don’t think it will do you much good, but here it is:

FS MediaInfo text file.txt (2.4 KB)


By far the easiest way to get er done is with convertxtodvd…It’s just so much easier really!..IIRC, everything else is a hit and miss as stated…IOW too much work for what it’s worth in IMO…
But it’s you time and effort I guess!..
Good luck!..


Hi t0nee1 , convertxtodvd may be the solution for the OP .
I did the trial a long time ago & at that time I think it had full function. I’ve heard it now has either a watermark or size limit .So even if the trial worked it wouldn’t be what I want. This is a conversion I will do on a very limited basis so a freeware solution is what I want. If that takes a lot more effort that is OK with me.

@ Kerry56 , Thanks the MediaInfo may help if I decide to convert to a similar file & use it to create a PAL DVD with AVStoDVD . The Height : 404 pixels is a bit odd & the Audio is 2 channel .mp3 . I would probably go a bit different on those . That being said they worked for your conversion .


That’s just 480 cut down to remove black bars cholla.


@ Kerry56 , What software did you use to create the XVID.AVI ?
The software I’ve tried won’t keep the 720x576 . It keeps reverting back to 720x480.
I’ve deleted the files but I got some aspect ratios that weren’t 16:9 or 4:3 .
I should have checked before deleting but didn’t They could just be the decimal equivalent.


I don’t remember the name of the original avi capture program. It was an old file I had from back in the days I used my Leadtek capture card. I didn’t much like the software that came with the card, and was trying a few different programs.